Sleepy Blog

So I just looked over my blog stats and it turns out I have only blogged once in the month that we all know as July. Now I think that is horrible. I should be blogging way more, not even about important things, just about anything. I know it doesn’t really matter, I mean I’m sure all the people that read the dribble that comes out of my mouth have probably welcomed a month of silence from my hideously long sentences and no paragraph breaks…

But I digress, the main culprit was the holidays. I went on a really bad writing stop and barely wrote anything. At all. And the blogging hasn’t started back up since then.

But honestly, since then, nothing is new with me. This week I’m on a VCA short film shoot, script supervisor and continuity, but apart from that. My life is repetitive as usual. (I’m sure most of you have the same feeling) but on the bright side we are almost into august which means only 1 more month of winter! But that does make it a shame because I just bought a kick ass hat! But I’m not sure what it’s called. Can anyone help me out? (I’ll post the photo at the end of the post… Hopefully)

but that’s all for me for now. Talk soon hopefully.



James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 26

I’ve decided that this will be my last week of the weekly awesome blog. I’ve become slack and am finding it hard each and every week to come up with something awesome, more recently it should have been named, ‘James’ Blog Of Anything Remotely Kinda Cool He Can Think Of…’ and so with this I leave you with my last Awesome thing.

James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 26: the fact that I lasted 1/2 a year.

I know it isn’t a full year like I wanted and planned. But 26 different awesome things is pretty awesome if you ask me. So to all of you out there who followed every awesome thing I thank you. And I hope that I made you think about something awesome that you normally wouldn’t have thought of.

Until my next blog post (which will not be as awesome as the awesome blog posts… But still pretty good)

James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 25

This weeks awesome thing isn’t exactly something that many people would even recognise as awesome. But to me it is one of the most awesome things ever! (not really just trying to add hype)

This weeks James’ blog of awesome week 25 is… The Winter Solstice.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how is this awesome? Well I’ll tell you how. It means that we are now on our way to summer! The shortest day of the year has come and gone in Melbourne. Which means that the days get longer, and hopefully warmer as well. Would be good thanks Melbourne.

With the Winter Solstice behind us we all have so much more to look forward to. And also after this post it will be heading into the middle of the year. Which means that we have already gone through half the year. Which is crazy when you think about it., how the hell has 6 months gone already. In no time at all it will be the end of the year. Crazy stuff. So enjoy every day and stuff…

James’ Blog of Awesome week 25, The Winter Solstice.

The Bad Kind Of Holiday

This holidays I have been bad. I have literally written nothing except for the occasional blog post. It is literally a holiday from writing at the moment, and I don’t really like it.

The first week I went out a LOT! So I kind of gave myself a break, but in the last 2 weeks I have slowed down but the writing hasn’t started. I just don’t have the motivation for it right now. I did the math, and to date, I have been drunk/hungover 62.5% of the holiday period. Bad, I told you.

Even sitting here writing this I know I should just fuck of WordPress (no offence) and write something. But all I can think of that I have written over the holidays is a parody song to Video Killed The Radio Star (Internet Killed The Porno Star) Comedy gold I know, but it doesn’t account for the other 20 days I haven’t written.

I really hope that on my return back to class I can get of my ass and start writing again. Because as much as I don’t have the motivation to write right now. I love it so much. Writing is so much fun and as I’m writing about how much fun writing is I am getting more excited about writing. Even if it’s not much I just wanna write. I think I’m going to go write something… (I hope I really do and don’t get distracted by something shiny)

Wish me luck…

James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 24

Only 2 more weeks till we are literally half way through the year. How quick has the time gone! it’s crazy!

It has taken me a whole week but I finally realised what was awesome about the week just been. James’ blog of awesome week 24 is… Collingwood has had their bye!

Now I know what you’re thinking… Who the hell is Collingwood? What is so good about a bye? All valid questions.

Collingwood is the AFL team I support, and them having the by means I now don’t have to have a week away from them, again until after they lose a final… Or hopefully win the Grand Final, but I’m not getting my hopes up. But now that the bye is done and dusted I can enjoy weekends filled with Collingwood for the next 13+ weeks!

Now that’s awesome!

I do realise that this is one of the least awesome things I have talked about in these posts, especially if you don’f follow AFL. But in the middle of winter there isn’t much exciting happening…

So there it is, James’ blog of awesome week 24, Collingwood has had their bye.

Enter Title Here

Have you ever gone to do something creative like paint a picture, write a script or novel, or written a song or poem? And have you written it and then spend longer deciding on the title than you did on the writing of the story itself? I have.

Titles are hard things to get right. At the moment I’m my development as a writer it isn’t as big a deal. But I mean in the future if I ever manage to write something that people will see. The title will be with it forever! FOREVER AND EVER! That’s a lot of expectation to put on a few words.

A title can serious effect what will happen to your work. I know that’s the case when I first hear about something. A perfect example for me was the TV show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” When a friend told me about it I wasn’t that excited. To start with the title of the show didn’t grab me. But looking back at the title after seeing the show it’s a good title. But when I first heard about it my mind was in a different place.

Titles of everything else, even short stories, poems, paintings all effect it in a huge way. Because like I said before, it effects how someone feels about the story even before they read/see/hear it.

A title can also be something of a clue, or only make sense when the story is read/seen/heard (I know I keep referring to stories, but to me as I’m writing this paintings and songs are also stories. So I’ll keep referring to stories, but I mean all forms)  I think a good example of that are song titles that are peoples names. It’s like the song is about someone. It’s cool.

It’s funny, I wanted to write a post but I had no idea what to write about, and I was staring at the space where you input the title and it got me thinking. Because I love titles, and I always want my titles to be perfect, to say exactly what I want them to say. But it’s hard sometimes. That’s why it’s so awesome when you think of the perfect one. I always feel so good when I come up with a ripper title. I hope you all feel the same way and maybe will stop and think about a title you see next time. And remember how hard it might have been for the person to come up with it.


Okay, so some of you might not think that 1,000 views is a lot. But it’s a pretty cool milestone. Lets go back to the beginning…

It was a brink September afternoon in 2011, and i started a blog. The end.

Now wasn’t that fun. All right moving right along. Firstly I would like to thank you all of viewing my blog and giving me the views.

I would also like to thank myself, for writing on the blog as much as I can to get the views. haha.

That’s all for this post. I bet you’re all looking forward to another right?

James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 23

This week has been quite a lazy one. But still an awesome one.

This weeks James’ Blog of Awesome Week 23 is HOLIDAYS!

Woop! Who doesn’t love holidays? Not this guy. Holidays are a good time to take a break from homework, possibly go away, and catch up with things and people that school has stopped you from doing. Although a few times it can get boring when you’re home during the day. But that’s what TV is for. And for me I can just say it’s homework. (shh don’t tell anyone)

Wow this is a really quick post, but I got to my point super quick. So there is the weekly update of awesome things in our lives.

James’ Blog of Awesome Week 23… Holidays

Blog Niche

I think I have found my blogging niche. I have found that the main two blog posts that I’ve enjoyed writing, and they are also the ones that have brought in thew most traffic are these:

How I Met Your Mother: Ted Mosby Standing Still

The Sheldon Cooper Conundrum

Now do you see anything similar about those two blog posts? They are both my take on a sitcom character or in general a sitcom, or even more general a TV show.

It appears that is what people want to read from me, because the good old Theodore Evelyn Mosby post pulled 40+ views in two different days. Sheldon unfortunately did not amount to that, but it’s ok little guy, you’ll get there.

But these stats got me thinking, Maybe I should be writing more about TV shows than I am, I mean I’m not filled with opinions, but I do have some floating around in my head. So I think starting on the holidays (which is in like a day) I will start to write more about the TV world, and more possibly the sitcom world, and the people in it.

and if you have’t read those posts yet feel free…

James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 22

This week was easy as pie! (and by pie I mean raspberry pie, because that is the easiest)

Without no ado what-so-ever, here is James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 22, Tassie trip with the boys!

That’s right, on the weekend me and three mates headed down to Tassie for the weekend, and it was so much fun.

We left Melbourne at about 6pm on the Saturday, and got back to Melbourne at about 8pm on the Monday night.

Now, here’s a little trivia about the trip… While we were on the plane waiting to take off from Melbourne to go to Tassie, I remember thinking, this is already such a good trip. Now that was because in the hour we had been together, I rekon I was laughing for about 1/2 the time. We were all having fun, cracking jokes. You name it, and the fun didn’t stop there.

Although one of the lads was a little tired after the night life, (and slept most of the days) the rest of us went out exploring Hobart. and it is small. But even so it was still a great trip.. Some (me) might even say it was awesome! and that is why is is hands down James’ Blog Of Awesome Week 22.